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2021 was the year of The Great Resignation

January 28, 2022

The experience of a black woman in construction? Discrimination is about age.

Last year was known for being the year of “The Great Resignation.” With both employers and employees being faced with difficult challenges, and many employees facing unhappiness – we have gathered some advice on how to navigate these challenges.

The pandemic opened many employees’ eyes into the benefits of working from home. Whilst some thrived, others felt isolated. So, what have we learnt?

Leadership can:
– Provide reassurance and demonstrate humanity through regular check ins
– Embrace employee feedback
– Encourage the use of designated communication channels
– Have regular conversations to keep connected
– Ensure that employees well-being is being put first

These are all steps that employers can take onboard to make sure they are committed to a great #employee experience in the new world of #flexibleworking. By using employee feedback, it will enable you as an #employer to and support your #team!

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