We work in partnership with businesses throughout the employee lifecycle to:

  • Gauge & Assess: Capturing big data & anecdotal evidence to help identify key development areas.

  • Develop & Grow: Ensuring your employee experience is optimised, existing employees are engaged and retention high.

  • Attract & Include: Giving both your company and new starters the best opportunity to thrive through your growth strategy.


Covering 18 topics such as culture, engagement, leadership, development, EDI, autonomy, inclusion, mastery, vision, purpose & communication; The Happiness Survey takes a snapshot of your staff engagement by:

  • 1. Gathering anonymous big data from our Happiness Survey and confidential interviews.

  • 2. Analysing the responses and talking you through key results, including demographical differences.

  • 3. Providing examples from the interviews to illustrate first-hand experiences of your employees.



We design a bespoke programme of work including workshops, 1-2-1 coaching and process design in order to improve your employee experience in the focal areas identified in The Happiness Survey.

The Condor Collective framework is based on 3 key elements: Psychology, Process, Accountability.

This framework gives your team a greater understanding of learned concepts, practical tools to implement and we keep you accountable in embedding your objectives.



Working in partnership with our clients, we gain a deep understanding of the business’ values, purpose, and behaviours. This allows us to create a profile that embodies your culture and helps find you candidates that are a long-term fit.

Condor’s ability to attract diverse and discerning talent is successful because we can assure candidates that our clients are proven to be progressive employers, invested in creating the best employee experience, and therefore the best opportunity for happiness.


Initially I was somewhat skeptical of the survey, owing to the smaller size of our team. However, the way in which The Condor Collective conducted the survey with the team encouraged total honesty and anonymity, which allowed a completely transparent view of our employee’s happiness and wellbeing. It was a complete eye opener. We have seen the huge value the survey brings, allowing VEXO to maintain its many strengths, whilst working hard on areas for improvement. The Happiness Survey also showed us some key areas of work that would help us moving into our next growth phase. We are looking forward to working with The Condor Collective as they continue to support our employee engagement & help us find the right people to join Team VEXO.

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Darren Wilkinson, VEXO Int

I was part of a senior manager team that undertook emotional intelligence training with The Condor Collective. To be perfectly honest, I was more than a little skeptical at first however, this was quickly dismissed within the first session with Paula and the team. A combination of thought provoking discussion, real world examples and tangible techniques really allowed for frank and open debate and a genuine sea change in our collective understanding & appreciation of the importance of emotional intelligence in every interaction, business or otherwise!

Duncan Morris, SHQE

Having been skeptical as to what information we would glean from The Happiness Survey, I was pleasantly surprised at how inspiring the process was. The Happiness Survey was a great business tool for identifying our business strengths and areas of work, with real life examples and quotes from the Phoenix ME team.

The Condor Collective deliver the information in an informative & actionable manner. We as the business leaders, were able to easily identify what work we need to do to ensure our team are as engaged as possible and celebrate the strengths we have identified by completing The Happiness Survey.

I look forward to continuing our working partnership with The Condor Collective.

Alan Tarant, Phoenix ME

Paula and Holly have been fantastic in introducing us to this fantastic concept as well as delivering a clear and concise presentation on the results of our survey. We were unsure on how this could benefit us at first but it has helped us to understand the strengths and weaknesses we face as a workforce. It has provided us with insight into our employees day to day challenges which has helped us design a roadmap for the business. This will ultimately set us up for hiring and growth strategies we hope to engage in very soon and most importantly, maintain that happy team!

Holly Sherwood, SHB

We originally engaged the Condor Collective to conduct ‘the Happiness Survey’, which was our first ever companywide engagement survey carried out by an external party. We were thinking of using 100 Companies as they are well known, have benchmarks and lots of experience across many sectors, however we preferred the questions, the approach and the outcomes presented by the Condor Collective. The impact on the business has been very positive, they have challenged us in a difficult time and we have grown to be better thanks to their management training and engagement survey feedback.

Both Paula and Holly have a Construction background and this really helps them understand us and help us to grow in the right way to be better. We will be continuing the survey works every year and already have an objective to improve our score. Paula and Holly are always there to bounce ideas off and make it a pleasurable relationship where both parties are benefiting.

Paul Gaughan, Twenty1 Construction

Working with The Condor Collective is brilliant. Paula provided sound and practical advice that really made us sit up and think seriously about our strategy and how we move the business forward. We have already made some crucial decisions we should have made some time ago, thanks to your advice. We hope to continue working with The Condor Collective for years to come.

Andrew Holland, Comms Leaders

I found Paula’s style very easy to relate to – giving me some real food for thought but not just telling me what to do.  You quickly grasped where I was coming from and were able to make pragmatic suggestions that showed me a way forward (and helped boost my confidence) but also asked insightful questions which made me reflect on the assumptions I was making or take a new perspective.  Your experience clearly informs your mentoring approach but you don’t assume a one size fits all approach which I really valued.

Tara, Champs

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