Project Description

The Happiness Survey is the first step to making your employee experience immense.

  • Used best as a discovery tool, the survey helps your business identify employee experience strengths & weaknesses.

  • Supported by The Condor Collective, you will be able to identify what your business is doing well, very well and not so well.

  • By asking your team to participate in this exploratory work you are demonstrating forward thinking leadership and adaptability.

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What topics are covered in the Happiness Survey?



Values & Vision




Flexible Working

Career Progression

Inspiring Leadership

Learning & Development


Autonomy & Mastery

Company Benefits

relationships with superiors

Communication & Transparency

relationships with colleagues


Recognition & Appreciation

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How does The Happiness Survey help business leaders?

  • The purpose of The Happiness Survey is to gather statistical data to assess your employees’ happiness at work. We appreciate how hard 2020 was for everyone and we know many businesses are looking forward to getting back to ‘normal’ in 2021 and beyond… But what if you could do better than normal?

  • The survey is completely anonymous, and we invite participants to volunteer for confidential interviews after they complete the survey. These interviews build upon the statistical data to offer vital empirical and anecdotal insight.

  • Once we have gathered this information, we produce a report which benchmarks your business’ data. We suggest further areas of investigation and we offer an action plan to improve or remedy any problematic areas, all of which fuels happy employment.

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