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We are the Future: Aisha Creary

July 14, 2022

The experience of a black woman in construction? Discrimination is about age.

Young people are the future! Yet shockingly one in five young people are NEET: Not in Employment, Education or Training. How do we expect the next generation to excel when so many of us are not given the opportunity to do so?

Education is a fundamental right so there is no excuse not to grant young people access to it. It is not only crucial for developing critical thinking and learning how to interact with others but enables individuals to meet basic job qualifications. This means that they are more likely to secure better jobs, gain greater economic independence and have the means to create their ideal lifestyle. Those without education/training may prove to be at a significant disadvantage, as their choices are limited. It is also important to note that a staggering three out of four of young NEETs are women. As a young woman myself, it is heart-breaking to see that despite society seemingly becoming more progressive and innovative, women are still disproportionally disadvantaged globally and lack basic opportunities which may hinder us from reaching our full potential.

I strongly believe that events like World’s Youth Skills Day (15th July), initiated by the UN, is vital for providing a platform for all young people to showcase their skills and bring our attention to how we have an important role to play in creating a more sustainable society.

I also believe that ongoing action must be taken globally to encourage young people to reach their personal and professional goals. This was one of the reasons why I decided to be proactive and join the EY ‘Your Future’ programme, as the EY Foundation prioritises helping young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, in order to provide resources and support.

Throughout the 2 weeks programme I’ve taken part in, we have had access to numerous workshops equipping me with employability skills (networking, crafting a CV, teamwork) as well as life skills (understanding and building resilience). Also being offered 1:1 coaching with a professional mentor in a field I am interested in (consulting) to guide me on my career journey has proved beneficial.

Being in an environment where people are from a similar socio-economic background to mine and are still dedicated to achieving their goals, further motivates me to accomplishing mine too. Networking with professionals has also exposed me to a wide range of career journeys, allowing me to gain more perspectives.

Through this internship I was fortunately introduced to The Condor Collective, a company that exists to create happier employment. I was immediately drawn to their cause as I believe people deserve fair treatment regardless of age, gender, race etc and should be able to feel comfortable and happy in their place of work. Having 3 days work-experience with this company, led by Holly and Paula, has given me a greater insight into the corporate world and I’ve been able to strengthen my transferable skills which I also developed during the EY ‘Your Future’ programme.

I am extremely grateful for all the support I’ve received so far on my career journey and hope to see other companies/organisations take more initiative by helping young people work towards creating a brighter future for themselves.

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